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If you use AdGuard for Safari as your ad blocker, add the filter to the “User filter” to redirect any Wikipedia article to Wikiwand.

TL;DR If you use AdGuard for Safari as your ad blocker, add the filter to the “User filter” to redirect any Wikipedia article to Wikiwand.

Update: For some reason, it has stopped working on my MacBook that runs Catalina. It still runs on another MacBook running Mojave. I’ll look into it some day.

Update 2: I have now updated the rule so that it works again! There’s a bug in the AdGuard Base filter. Link to issue

As of Safari 13, only extensions from the App Store can be used. This killed a lot of extensions, including Wikiwand. However, we can get the main functionality back using another approach.

In order for me to stay sane on the web today, I need to have an ad blocker (I hope for your sanity that you use one too). Since Safari 13 was launched, AdGuard for Safari was the only ad blocker I found that worked well (e.g. it blocked YouTube ads). AdGuard allows you to add user defined filters, and the syntax is explained here.

(Please note that AdGuard for Safari ≠ AdGuard for Mac. The latter blocks Ads for any application on your compouter. However, it also costs money. This “tutorial” uses the former and I have no idea if the same would work for the latter.)

With the filter syntax documentation, and some very basic JavaScript we can create this filter:

@@||^$generichide,badfilter ( === "") { var lang = window.location.hostname.split('.')[0]; var article = window.location.pathname.split('/')[2]; window.location.href = "" + lang + "/" + article; } 

Add this, as a single line, to your user filters in AdGuard and any time you visit a Wikipedia article, you will be redirected to Wikiwand.

I hope this helps someone :)


P.s. if the URL has any kind of query string (e.g. ?query=test), you will not be redirected. This is so that you can still read on the original Wikipedia when you press the “Read on Wikipedia”-button in Wikiwand. Because that appends ?oldformat=true.

P.s.s. Expand the spoiler to see a explanation of the code.

Explanation of the code

Let’s assume we visit “

The first part of the line,, tells AdGuard to trigger the filter. #%# tells AdGuard that it should perform a JavaScript injection. Anything after that should be JavaScript code.

Here is the code in a more readable form:

// If we do not have any query string appended (i.e. not ?oldformat=true), 
// then  we should redirect to Wikiwand.
if ( === "") {  
	// This takes the domain: "", splits it at each period into 
	// ["en", "wikipedia", "org"].
	// We then get the zeroth element, i.e. which language we are reading in. 
	var lang = window.location.hostname.split('.')[0];

	// Similarly, we get the path e.g. "/wiki/wikiwand"
	var article = window.location.pathname.split('/')[2]; 
 // Then we construct and set the new window location. I.e. the redirect. 
 // which has the form ""
	window.location.href = "" + lang + "/" + article;
Written on October 31, 2019