Rigging industrial robots in Blender

KUKA Agilus rigged in Blender

TL;DR: The Blender file is available on my Github.

I’ve recently started to use Blender in my research and it is just really fun tool to play with!

After finding this post by Alex Rössler where he rigged an industrial robot in blender, I got inspired to replicate it with a robot I have access to. One of the robots we have is a KUKA Agilus, in particular the KR6 R900 sixx model. Meshes and URDF files for this robot (and many other common industrial robots) is available at the ROS-Industrial Github page.

As Alex suggested in his post, I watched this rigging tutorial. I also found this and this video useful.

Except for the URDF file, I also used the specification sheet provided by KUKA as a reference for joint limits.

There are a ton of rigging tutorials out there, but none of them focuses on rigging of industrial robots. So I might write a blog post or make a video tutorial on it in the future.

Written on October 23, 2020