Parts of my figure disappeared

Pinhole camera

TL;DR: Did you include a figure as a PDF in latex, and part of the figure is missing? Try converting it to PostScript using pdf2ps.

I always try my best to use vector graphics when I write anything in Latex. If I am making plots, my pipeline is as follows

  1. Make the plot in Matplotlib
  2. Save it as a PDF
  3. Tweak it in Illustrator
  4. Save it as a PDF again

This time I was making the figure above, from scratch in Illustrator. As you can see, there are some regular raster images included into the vector graphic. As I included it in my latex document though, the image on the back of the box had disappeared. It was still visible when the file was viewed separately.

When I googled this, most people had issues with fonts, which seem to be caused by the font not being embedded into the PDF. This didn’t really help me, but thankfully I found a comment by Norman Ramsey in this thread, suggesting to convert the files to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). I simply converted it to PS (PostScript), and that seemed to work just as well. For this I used pdf2ps.

Hope this help someone.

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Written on July 22, 2019